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Topic: What exactly makes Yahoo so big in Japan?

grey !C.MxxuCiTo started this discussion 7.1 years ago #942

Is it the privacy they get from Yahoo in comparison to Google or MS? (This is why Facebook has not been able to crack the Japanese market. Yahoo seems pervasive in their media, I've even seen it in manga. I'm even thinking about trying it out.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 7.1 years ago, 1 hour later[Top] #10,816

> as a search engine
it's not very effective if it's not spaing on fuking everythin

> as a email client
there are many better email sites that don't try and trick you into downloading ad-riddled programs; not to mention desktop emails

what the fuck else does yahoo do?

maybe they just liked the old yahoo commercials

  !Tkun4nmzJI joined in and replied with this 7.1 years ago, 2 hours later, 4 hours after the original post[Top] #10,818

I think it is because of Yahoo's relation with Softbank.
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