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Topic: spot other otaku

Anonymous A started this discussion 7.3 years ago #878

What should you look out for to spot other otaku in public?

grey !C.MxxuCiTo joined in and replied with this 7.3 years ago, 38 minutes later[Top] #10,327

-the wallpaper of their laptop/phone
-anime/vidya messenger bag
-carrying manga out of a public library
-this tshirt that I am wearing right now

frootloops joined in and replied with this 7.3 years ago, 12 hours later, 13 hours after the original post[Top] #10,334

if there is no traces of animu on their stuff, they often try and imitate tough, loner archetypes so they won't be picked on. this includes, but is not limited to-
* trenchcoats (very often doesn't fit their body shape/attitude)
* HEAVY FUCKING METAL coming from the head/earphones
* nose, ear piercings
* seeming to only wear dark clothing day after day

gothic lolita dress in any country except japan(obviously girls only)
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