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Topic: re: failed postings

. !NzLASIJfYM started this discussion 7.7 years ago #874

So, there's this one problem with atbbs and tinybbs that's dragging our database down: failed postings are stored permanently. Yes, even the ones you can't see on the /failed_postingspage. 65% of our database is consumed by the tl;dr spambots that failed. And since there's no primary key in the failed_postings table, I can't manually delete them without reloading the database.

This also effects the trash can to some extent, but since I ionize the *successful* spambots, their posts are gone forever and skip the trash can. The trash is mostly just to4ster spam anyway, which is just one line of text instead of an entire fucking html page.

If anyone has any solutions, I'm all ears. er, eyes I suppose.

MISSNGNO. unrelated

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Unintentional Jackass !LASXURl1b6 joined in and replied with this 7.7 years ago, 1 hour later[Top] #10,262

lol providing the spambots with tools :L Have you asked r04r? She's often helpful and kind.. Or ltamake, too.

They've probably had this issue and just solved it in the background or something.

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grey !C.MxxuCiTo joined in and replied with this 7.6 years ago, 2 days later, 2 days after the original post[Top] #10,278

Hrm, UJ is probably right. I'll ask r04r.

Anonymous D joined in and replied with this 7.6 years ago, 11 hours later, 3 days after the original post[Top] #10,307

Drop and reload the `trash` table from the schema.
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