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Topic: Attention Admin/SYOP A request to forward this message to you

Anonymous A started this discussion 5 months ago #5,109

Posted on TC with request to forward it here

raspberry !BkZ9MKvKeo — 21 minutes ago
My site has been getting a fuckton of spam that all link to Russian spam threads on otakutalk.org and I can't seem to find any way to contact the admin of that site, so I'm hoping he at least browses here and responds.

I have no idea how to post there even though it seems to be full of spam every-time I visit.

(Apologies if these two sites are unrelated. They just look a bit similar in layout and this site is linked there.)

Anonymous A (OP) double-posted this 5 months ago, 2 days later[Top] #37,683

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