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Topic: What de you think about Precure?

Anonymous A started this discussion 1 year ago #1,478

Star joined in and replied with this 1 year ago, 10 minutes later[Top] #20,509

Cool show. Also cute.

  !Tkun4nmzJI joined in and replied with this 1 year ago, 17 minutes later, 27 minutes after the original post[Top] #20,511

Looks cute but never watched. I have been reading manga but anime not much.

Anonymous D joined in and replied with this 1 year ago, 1 hour later, 1 hour after the original post[Top] #20,524

cute but not good

vocalon !tQVipWai22 joined in and replied with this 3 months ago, 9 months later, 9 months after the original post[Top] #38,101

from what i've grasped it's really best consumed if you're an animation buff? my friend swears by it to the point where she like. attempted to watch an episode and kept pausing every couple minutes to dissect shots and compare and contrast it with other directors and other works that director has done, and she doesn't really do that with other anime so i guess it must be an intrinsic part of the anime process.
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