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Topic: Let it be known that on Friday the 13th of May 2016, I caught a shiny Zubat

. !NzLASIJfYM started this discussion 2.3 years ago #1,342

This being my first non-Gyarados shiny Pokemon in a Gen II game. (Ditto doesn't count because it's an exploit.) Also my second shiny overall (again excluding Gyarados).

. !NzLASIJfYM (OP) double-posted this 2.3 years ago, 18 hours later[Top] #14,087

It should be noted that I have caught the Pokerus twice in this game, while the chances of encountering it at all are less than half the chances of encountering a shiny.

Green !BEERiVqJJw joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 5 months later, 5 months after the original post[Top] #14,986

Awesome dude! I evolve it into a shiny Crobat. I have one and it's pimping.

. !NzLASIJfYM (OP) replied with this 1.5 year ago, 4 months later, 9 months after the original post[Top] #19,893

I did evolve it. It's level 40 now.

Today I caught a shiny Skarmory in Emerald.

. !NzLASIJfYM (OP) double-posted this 1 month ago, 1.4 year later, 2.2 years after the original post[Top] #38,110

Caught a shiny Geodude in Emerald today.
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