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Topic: What kind of battlestation do you have?

Negi Springfield !HeeOOJgHuM started this discussion 3.6 years ago #1,338

Is it your ideal? Would you go with one less than your ideal? Just curious. I've seen some real "shit stations" and found myself a bit envious. I don't want a nice battlestation, but one that would make normies feel a bit ill. I think they need to be repulsed and not invited. I kind of have that kind of battlestation, but it's a bit hard to tell if it's a true shitstation.

Battlestation thread.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 3.6 years ago, 4 hours later[Top] #13,977

I just use a laptop. It's alright, no real complaints since I don't play much video games except for roguelikes these days. My ideal setup isn't really a battlestation at all. I'd love to get one of those Surface Book/tablets to use around the house and for watching movies, reading, writing, etc. and then have a home server to store everything and play video games on when I feel like it.

Nature joined in and replied with this 2.8 years ago, 9 months later, 9 months after the original post[Top] #14,306

Kind of a subpar one. The monitor I have shakes if I type too fast and that can be quite a bother. However I enjoy it. Mainly I like to have a lot shoved into one corner of a room.

. !NzLASIJfYM joined in and replied with this 2.8 years ago, 58 minutes later, 9 months after the original post[Top] #14,307

Laptop plus mouse. I mostly computer while sitting/laying on my bed.
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