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Topic: If you were to be in a anime wutt would it be?!?

Pocky ~(•o•)/\(-o-)/Swag started this discussion 4.7 years ago #1,276

Wutt do you think just post down :3

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  !Tkun4nmzJI joined in and replied with this 4.7 years ago, 3 hours later[Top] #12,964

Considering the life of a common person and not a protagonist, life in Dennou Coil world seems pretty good, Chobits would be great too, cute robot girls sounds wonderfull but I think Dr. Slump world would be lots of fun!

Pocky ~(•o•)/\(-o-)/Swag (OP) replied with this 4.7 years ago, 7 hours later, 10 hours after the original post[Top] #12,966

Chobits would be cool actually :)Damn it would be awesome if it was possible to go into the anime world T.T

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Nuxx joined in and replied with this 4.1 years ago, 6 months later, 6 months after the original post[Top] #13,314

I'd go with FullMetal Alchemist or Zoids.

kangen joined in and replied with this 2 years ago, 2.1 years later, 2.6 years after the original post[Top] #13,999

definitely pikachu, the characters kinda cute and loveable
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