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Topic: Everything be damned -- VN General

Nega !34Kas0OdzM started this discussion 7.1 years ago #1,063

What are you playing, what have you finished and what are you looking forward to playing?

Currently doing YU-NO, Eve: Bust Horror, the Uminekos (slowpokes gonna slow etc.)

Looking forward to Muv-Luv, Steins;Gate and Never 7.

Finished Tsukihime recently after having it backlogged for way too long.
Meh. TYPE-MOON is overrated.

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grey !C.MxxuCiTo joined in and replied with this 7.1 years ago, 47 minutes later[Top] #11,870

I just had a giant VN infographic that was very relevant, but I believe I accidentally it. And hey I'm still working through KS! I'll do Hanako when I have the time. I did Shizune yesterday and Kenji is lol.
Never played EVE, but the dude in the lower right corner looks lol.

  !Tkun4nmzJI joined in and replied with this 7.1 years ago, 5 hours later, 6 hours after the original post[Top] #11,874

Still have to play Katawa Shoujo, I was going to play it but got Metal Gear Peace Walker and I can't stop playing until I finish it!

Saw this video of Saya no Uta and man, it is fucked up!

Unintentional Jackass !LASXURl1b6 joined in and replied with this 7.1 years ago, 2 hours later, 8 hours after the original post[Top] #11,876

SnU was a really good game. But then, I liked School Days, too.

Wanko to Kurasou was quite a good one, too, but I think I lost the save before I could get to an ending, unfortunately.
Obviously, Katawa Shoujo still being fresh in my mind, I love that and the story it tells.

Anonymous E joined in and replied with this 7.1 years ago, 2 hours later, 11 hours after the original post[Top] #11,877

ive only played Saya no Uta. I think.
is demonophobia or iji a vn?
what about monster girl quest?

i don't know of any other vns.

(Edited 1 minute later.)

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