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File: 1332967774464.jpg–(32.93KB, 480x266, 1332834452287.jpg)
596 No.596  [Reply]
*KSRRKT* Now boarding, 343 to Kobe, Now boarding, 343 to Kobe, thank you for riding with us. Safe travels. *KSHHPT*

File: 1331147822518.png–(131.67KB, 782x839, 1JCUU.png)
578 No.578  [Reply]

¨ No.893
Insufficient funds

File: 1330017431058.jpg–(51.80KB, 444x444, 10 minutes with your waifu or lifetime supply of p)
561 No.561  [Reply]

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¨ No.566
1330199850033.jpg–(158.41KB, 515x758, 1329590264306.jpg)
That is a dumb question.
¨ No.567
Lifetime supply of peeps, i be sellin that sheet,
bitches love dem sum peeps.
¨ No.569
i see youve never kept peeps for three years

File: 1333315961807.png–(625.71KB, 793x497, rin-good-end.png)
599 No.599  [Reply]

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¨ No.692
1408435630878.png–(1.46MB, 1024x858, bend2.png)

¨ No.694
1409187788356.gif–(206.19KB, 360x239, kek.gif)

¨ No.695
1415856995213.png–(284.52KB, 500x600, sector88628383.png)
One of my personal favorites.

File: 1328130583372.jpg–(31.91KB, 591x575, 1320718914250.jpg)
543 No.543  [Reply]

¨ No.544
1328130612621.jpg–(30.71KB, 400x400, 1sw.jpg)

¨ No.545
1328130642732.jpg–(94.42KB, 415x427, 2sw.jpg)

¨ No.551
1328767512178.png–(170.88KB, 628x353, i-call-the-shots.png)
Says you. Just wait until I perfect my waifu PHP class.

File: 1400568662150.gif–(151.78KB, 400x267, fuck me.gif)
687 No.687  [Reply]
No new posts ever.
¨ No.693
[insert kimmo-ism here]

File: 1328996806452.jpg–(14.26KB, 256x192, 13183932741.jpg)
554 No.554  [Reply]
Performing updates, standby for fail.
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¨ No.556
>MiniBBS is not (properly) installed.
¨ No.557
1329136738245.jpg–(47.55KB, 500x292, 128965466398091124.jpg)

¨ No.608
Whatever this software is, the mod interface is shit-tier. Like, it makes kx seem professional and efficient.

File: 1329944723223.jpg–(109.25KB, 501x715, 1329819475483.jpg)
560 No.560  [Reply]
You will never have a bass playing japanese girlfriend.
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¨ No.591
except for homosexuals
¨ No.592
which is why i attempted to use strikethrough tags
¨ No.883
This maketh me to be quite sad!

File: 1381097889995.jpg–(37.36KB, 1024x768, 128063111143.jpg)
622 No.622  [Reply]
I can smell my underwear.
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¨ No.635
1389075012113.jpg–(480.21KB, 952x1352, 1114054.jpg)
I kill them but... they just keep coming back.
¨ No.636
1389921384795.jpg–(75.21KB, 625x463, 1386448188212.jpg)
They're like the undead.
¨ No.637
Not to be racist, but the Undead are so much cooler than the Spamborg.

File: 1333393662490.jpg–(584.64KB, 1866x1015, 1330625398887.jpg)
602 No.602  [Reply]
What game are these from?
¨ No.604
Two of those are Bleach characters, and another one looks familiar but is definitely from some other show. So I'm guessing it's either some sort of anime 'Smash Brothers'-type game, or custom skins for something like second life.
¨ No.607
it is second life, i had that cum layer when i played

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