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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place?

This is messageboard channel (aka: *chan) called OtakuTalk!

What is a *chan?

A *chan is an anonymous imageboard channel. The first, and biggest *chan in the world is 2chan.

So, why call it OtakuTalk?

Our layout is based on a text-style bbs but with image functionality as well. You aren't required to post an image with your topic, which also deviates from the standard *chan dynamic.

What is the subject/theme of this *chan?

Anime, manga, technology, cosplay, video games, conventions, Japan and Japanese culture, all things us otaku love.
also pokemon.

Who runs the place?

LASI-chan is acting admin and caretaker, grey is the founder and original admin.

Can I troll?

Only if you are a master level nine troll. Obvious/bad trolls are banned for a day.

Do we have free speech here?

If you are a normal poster, just saying what you want, then yes. If you spam crap like " *sombody's name* IS A GAY FAGGOT!!1!" over and over again then you may be banned temporarily. Look at the rules page for more.

Will you ever edit our posts?"

The only, ONLY time I will edit a post is if what you are posting compromises the security or anonymity of another user or of OTK itself, Otherwise NO. However, if what you post is illegal by Canadian law, then it just gets deleted. This does not apply to spambots. We will relentlessly edit spam beyond useful recognition.

Will I get banned for doing or saying something you don't like?

lol NO. This ain't 4chan. I won't ban you for calling me a faggot, or using BILLY MAYS MODE, or for posting a anime I do not like. Go nuts.

OTK else where on the net

Go to http://www.transformice.com/en/ and type in "/room otk" to play with other OTKers
The OTK develpoment and status blog: OTK status <- LASI doesn't have access to this, so get in IRC if something goes wrong.
OtakuTalk IRC!

It's hard to find stuff, is there a site map?

Pretty much.

Hope that helps!

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